These are my most recent sewing accomplishments. I finished the primary-colored improvisational log cabin quilt in May of 2015. A few other projects I have enjoyed sewing are pajama pants, tote bags, curtains, and oven mitts. Sewn creations make the best gifts and unfortunately I have been bad about documenting my work before giving it away.


Intaglio printmaking became one of my favorite art forms in college. The process was very labor intensive, but I loved how the results were intriguingly unpredictable. In my Gee’s Bend inspired aquatint etchings, I enjoyed playing with the overlapping of colors and shades. This design was composed of 3 different plates each inked with a different color. Every version I printed had its own character and energy depending on how the shapes aligned and the color combinations intermixed. I also experimented with layering line etchings over cutout shapes of colored paper, a technique known as “chine collé.” I can never resist adding a splash of color.


Painting is the best way to play with color. I could spend hours just mixing paints. My experience has mostly been with oils and watercolor; they behave differently but both are compatible with my style of working.  I enjoy a loose gestural handling of the brush. I think it’s important to see the human behind the painting in some way. Something happens between receiving information through the eye, transmitting it to the brain and then out of the paintbrush that I like to leave exposed.


There’s something about layering and piecing together a composition through collage that is very satisfying.  I love the challenge of taking found images or selected shapes and arranging them in a pleasing manner.  I hate to let scraps go to waste, and so I enjoy collecting them and saving them for later play. Many of the pages of my sketchbooks are mini-collages. It is the best way to archive.